She Monkeys (2011)

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Emma is a girl who likes to control. He is a local voltige (horseback acrobatics) team is running out for the strong, attractive and lively girl meets Cassandra. To know each other as they share a sense of fun and quickly become good friends bad. But rapid-fire confusion jealousy, competitiveness and feelings of sexual attraction in their sets limits have been pushing each other. As Emma spends more time away from home with Cassandra, her little sister Sara, her own sexual identity, a reluctant caregiver time to explore all starts pining for love.

For whom sex breaking point that pushes the boundaries of political correctness, weapons and toys and taboo-busting She Monkeys Ascham Lisa lifted the lid on a group of girls.

England in cinemas May 18, 2012

“Sweden since Lukas Moodyson one of the most intense and complex feature debuts Show Me Love” – Variety

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